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Healing For The Nations

Healing for the Nations Evangelistic Association, Inc was birthed in the heart of Neigel and Peggy Scarborough in 1993 when they began a unique ministry of taking healing and intercession to people throughout the nation and the nations. Their dream is to bring healing to the soul, healing to the body, healing for finances, healing for the family, healing for the nation and nations. This ministry includes healing schools and conferences which have been conducted in churches, hotels, book stores, and special meetings. They have taken healing throughout the United States as well as foreign countries. They have been in Indonesia, the Caribbean Islands, Mexico, Israel, Guatemala, and other nations. If you would like to schedule Peggy/Neigel for a healing conference, contact them at 843-458-4249 or through this web site.


At the present time Peggy conducts a healing school every Thursday night for the radio audience at a bookstore in Conway where many have received their healing while getting the Word of God into their Spirit. The radio ministry further takes the healing message to thousands that may not hear it. Peggy has been on the air in Miami, FL; Memphis, TN; Detroit, MI; Syracuse, NY, Chatanooga, TN and the Caribbean Islands. Presently she is heard daily at 10:30 am in NC and SC on WSTS (100.9) They have been asked by outstanding pastors such as John Hagee, Wayne Parks, Marvin Tennant, Tim Finlayson, the late Neil Smith, the late Herman Smith, Terry Bowden, Mike Sloan, Tom and Erlene Burton, Marion Spellman (Peniel) and many others to teach the healing message in their church. Peggy is at the present time setting up a telephone healing and prayer ministry that will reach a number of foreign nations.


Shortly we will be starting prayer breakfasts to pray for the strategic issues facing our world and our nation.  If you would like to be on the mailing list to receive these announcements, please join on this page.


                                                          Special Forces Intercessors


The telephone prayer calls (special forces intercessors)  will be starting in  April, reaching into the nations, as well as the United States.  We will be praying for strategic national and international issues. We plan to go in as a special group to pray until we win.  Please join this group to receive information about how to call in from your country.


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