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Meet the Family


Dr. Neigel Scarborough

Sherri Scarborough

Dr. Neigel Scarborough is a mighty man of God. He presently pastors the Socastee Church of God in Myrtle Beach, SC. He was bank examiner for Federal Deposit Insurance Company before entering the ministry and served on the advisory board for Oral Roberts University. Dr. Scarborough received his BS in business administration from the University of SC. He served as a bank examiner until he had a dynamic call from God to preach the gospel. He then entered Oral Roberts University, where he received his Master of Divinity degree. He later earned his PH.D from California Graduate School of Theology.


Dr. Sarborough served on the Presiden't Advisory Cabinet of Oral Roberts University. He has been an outstanding pastor in cutting-edge churches throughout the nation. He has served on many church boards and state councils.

He and Peggy traveled together for several years taking the message of healing throughout the nation. They were invited to minister together in Indonesia where they witnessed one of the greatest movements of God they have ever seen. They watched miracle after miracle take place in that country.


He has traveled extensively in foreign countries and has a burden for the nations of the world. During his prayer time he is heard often praying for this country as well as other nations. He prays daily for the President of the United States.


Pastor Scarborough and his wife have pastored churches in Springfield, MO; Los Angeles, California; Tulsa, Oklahoma; Soddy, Tennessee; Memphis, TN; Troy, MI; Syracuse, NY, Myrtle Beach, SC.


Pastor Scarborough is very much a family man. The family is his priority. Then he carries that same passion into the family of God. He always builds a family atmosphere where every person feels he or she is a part of the great family of God. The vision of this man of God is to see revival come to America. He is deeply interested in couples wanting to get married. He wants to bring healing and help to every family.

My  daughter,  Sherri loves me through the many hurdles of the battlefield. I am known for intercession, but she is one of the greatest warriors I know. She was born an intercessor. As a little girl she could pray like a seasoned warrior. She is still my prayer partner today. She's an anointed singer, speaker, writer & worship leader. She was given the most outstanding leader on the oral roberts university campus in her junior year in college. 


Here's J.J. - His names stands for Judah Jabez. Judah means praise, Jabez means blessed me indeed. J.J. is a blessing indeed in our house. He is full of energy and life! 

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