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Dr. Peggy Scarborough

Dr. Peggy Scarborough is a noted author and speaker for radio, television, spiritual warfare conferences, healing schools, prayer clinics and retreats. She has an unusual gift for bringing the races together to pray for cities.


In 1990, Peggy went through the struggle with breast cancer and learned to war for healing. It was at this time that Healing Through Spiritual Warfare was birthed in her spirit. Since that time the book has gone around the world, bringing healing to thousands.


Peggy is married to Dr. Neigel Scarborough and has one daughter, Sherri. Though she is a powerful writer and author, she is very much a family woman. She wants to bring healing to the soul, body, the family, finances, the church, the city, and nations.


Dr. Peggy Scarborough holds a doctorate degree in ministry from Christian International School of Theology, Santa Rosa Beach, Florida; a master’s degree in English education from the University of Tennessee; and a bachelors degree from Bob Jones University.  She has also studied at the Church of God School of Theology in Cleveland, TN.


Peggy holds a healing school at the Lighthouse Bible & Book Store in Conway, SC every Thursday evening. She is heard in this area of North and South Carolina on the radio (WSTS 100.9) daily Monday through Friday at 10:30 a.m.  She has been on the radio in Chattanooga, TN, Memphis, TN, Detroit, MI, Syracuse, NY, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, the Caribbean Islands, and now in Fairmont, NC. 


She has written numerous books. Her book Healing Through Spiritual Warfare has sold over 20,000 copies. One of her books: Power of Vision is the story of 15 men, many of who raised themselves from poverty to riches. Some of her other books are:  J.H. Ingram, Missionary Dean, Maria Atkinson, Mother of Mexico, Paul C. Pitt, Beloved of the Chinese, Hallelujah Anyway, Tim, Charles Beach, Power to Witness.  Other manuscripts are Women in Battle, Soaring like the Eagles, God Has A Purpose for Color, How to War in the Spirit. She is presently working on another book on healing: Taking Healing To The Next Level.


She is well known in the Church of God colleges and institutes of Higher Education.  Peggy has served as teacher at Lee College in Cleveland, TN, Dean of Women and teacher at West Coast Bible College in Fresno, CA, teacher at North Carolina Bible College, GED teacher for people in the Poverty program in Cleveland, TN.  She also taught in the Ministerial Institutes in Oklahoma,  Tennessee, California, and Michigan.   She taught English and Speech to ministers from Korea while in California, helping them to be able to speak English in the pulpits.  


Intercession is the ministry gift to which she feels most called.  She has lead prayer groups into Detroit, Syracuse, Miami, Myrtle Beach and other areas to pray for cities and the nation.  She has conducted regular monthly prayer rallies in all of the above cities.  She is the SC State Coordinator for Cry Out America prayer rallies on 9/11.  She also serves as a consultant for COG International Prayer Ministries.  Presently she serves as the Southeast Regional prayer leader for the National Governor’s Prayer Team overseeing Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia and West Virginia.  


The call of God has lead her to many places to share the Word of God concerning spiritual warfare and healing.  She has ministered in such churches as John Hagee’s church in San Antonio, TX,  John Eckhardt’s church in Chicago, Wayne Parks’  church in Ft. Lauderdale, Christian Assembly pastored by Rev. Marvin Tennant in Lancaster, SC, North Cleveland Church of God, and hundreds of other churches.  She has been a speaker for camp meetings in FL, Michigan, New York, Oklahoma, Missouri, California, Pennsylvania, and other states.  She has spoken in Ladies retreats in areas as North Carolina Women’s Retreat, Kentucky Women’s Retreat, FL Women’s Retreat, Missouri Women’s Retreat, Tennessee Women’s retreat.


Though women are a chief interest, she also speaks to men’s groups.  One of her most memorable experiences was speaking for a luncheon at  a men’s conference in Pennsylvania on “What women wish their husbands knew about women.”  She also worked with Dave Wilkerson in the early days of Teen Challenge, along with students from Lee College, where she was then serving as teacher of English and speech.


Peggy and her husband have pastored churches in Springfield, MO;  Los Angeles, California; Tulsa, Oklahoma; Soddy, Tennessee; Memphis, TN; Troy, MI; Syracuse, NY, Myrtle Beach, SC.  



People are her business. 

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