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God Has a Purpose for Color

God Has a Purpose for Color

Dr. Peggy shares affectionately and respectfully the brilliant accomplishments and contributions of the Black race to the Christian Church, with a message for believers of every color, race, and tongue:  unity in diversity is a beautiful, God-ordained gift, to be embraced and not feared.

For the person of color, perhaps some of the message in GOD HAS A PURPOSE FOR COLOR is "preaching to the choir," but Peggy's heartfelt goal is to create a climate of greater understanding and acceptance among the races in the Body of Christ. For non-Blacks, perhaps this book will shine a celebratory light on the cultural style of many believers of color, and break down some inhibitions (and even misconceptions) that may be keeping us all from unreservedly coming together as one Body--fiercely loyal and loving to one another.

We all have wonderful attributes to bring to the table, and it's OK if we aren't cookie-cutter Christians!
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